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Research at the CBG

We can help you to search for information about your ancestors in the Netherlands. For advise please contact us. You may find some specific information in the following downloadable brochures:

Searching for Your Ancestors in the Netherlands. Informatieblad
When you find an ancestor from 'Holland' or ' The Netherlands' you would be curious if additional information existed in Dutch sources. The Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie can help you to search for that information about your ancestors in the Netherlands.

Personal Record Cards and Personal Record Lists CBG brochure
Personal Record Cards were introduced in the Netherlands in 1938 and used to register information on every inhabitant of the Netherlands regardless of nationality. Since October 1, 1994 the population registration in the Netherlands is automized. The personal record card was replaced by socalled Personal Record Lists.

Since this Central Register of Deceased Persons contains a lot of important information for genealogical and biographical research purposes, the CBG is allowed to provide information on written request.


List of Dutch Genealogical Researchers. CBG brochure
Experienced Dutch genealogical researchers can help you to search for additional information in Dutch records.

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