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Our Bureau produces several basic guides for genealogical research in the Netherlands and publications on a variety of topics, including heraldry, palaeography and other specialist interest areas. All our publications are in Dutch and may be of limited value to foreign researchers unless they have some understanding of the Dutch language.

The Genealogisch repertorium (Genealogical Index), published in two basic and four supplementary volumes) is an invaluable survey of genealogical literature, that was published up until 1999. The Index is now put in our online catalogue.

Genealogies of leading Dutch noble and prominent families are published in two series titled Nederland's Adelsboek and Nederland's Patriciaat.

Our yearbook (Jaarboek) and quarterly magazine Genealogie are published for the Bureau's 12,000 Friends (contributors). While our yearbook highlights particular themes our quarterly contains more 'popular' articles, book reviews and information on additions to our collections.
We have also published two books in English:

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Dutch Roots Finding your ancestors in the Netherlands - R. van Drie
(Den Haag 2012) 190 blz. ISBN 978-90-5802-088-8
€ 19,50 (Vrienden € 17,00)
For Europe shipment included: 25,00. Outside Europe: 30,00.

Photographers in the Netherlands. Born before 1900 - Steven Wachlin
ISBN 978 40 5802 079 6
€ 99,00 2 delen.

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